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Treatment of CRPS pain with ketamine cream

link to, video by Chronic Pain Coalition

Chronic severe pain in Sudeck of CRPS, in our coalition, we treat with a combination of various topical creams, especially a 10% ketamine cream, together with DMSO 50% cream. Topical analgesics have clearly advantages over systemically administered medications. This is especially true for racemic Ketamine. The reduction or elimination of side-effects is one of the major advantages.  Many patients are totally unable to ingest ketamine, but as a cream the application of ketamine is no problem. We treated already 40 patients without any problems, and a Canadian academic group decribed another group of 60 patients. 

Topical analgesics differ from transdermal delivery methods in that prescribers use topical applications to deliver local, rather than systemic, effects. In our institute we have developed a variety of special-compounded creams to improve our patients’ experience with intractable pain due to Sudeck/ CRPS. Ketamine 10% is one example. 

Our compounded ketamine 10% cream can be used for specific patients in e.g. the Netherlands, Germany and the UK if the physicians order a prescription document at

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